Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeling Low ... Winter Tides

We Earthlings are closest to the Moon at the turn of the year.
All that cosmic coziness gives a little extra tug on the tides in the winter.
Mix a little perihelion with a full moon and you get tides like you see below.

On this morning in early January, it looked like you could walk to Seahorse Key off in the distance.
The sand bar in the foreground is the "Sandspit" at beautiful Cedar Key, Florida.
Not seen is the fact that it goes on and on to the right of this photo.
I like going out on the Sandspit on a warm summer night with a good headlamp.
You can see all kinds of critters creeping about in the mud in the dark.
I posted about this back in 2008.

(It's worth a click on that link just to see baby Bear dog)

How low can you go?

Besides a change in scenery, these super low tides concentrate and strand marine life, making the grocery getting much easier for these wood storks and white pelicans.
Ya gotta get while the gettin' is good.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Bears, Horses, and Diamondbacks

Bear and I went on a rare solo walk, sans Coquina yesterday. 
It's not that Keena wasn't welcome, she just happened to be napping after several days of having too much fun with Katy and Robert's dog, Doug.

It was supposed to be just an in and out short walk as I had deck work to do, but Bear put on his stubborn hat and headed towards the southwest corner of PFHQ.

So I followed.

When I caught up with Bear, I found he had led me to some kind of Equine United Nations summit.

There was a paint, a pony, a magnificent tall brown horse, and hidden behind that horse, a donkey.
When the horses, et al, saw Bear, they all came trotting over to the fence.

There were introductions.

The paint, a favorite horse flavor of mine was the most cautious, but it (he/she?) finally walked over to the fence for a closer look at the two strangers.

The huge brown horse was the ham of the bunch, leaning way over the corner fence post for some nose rubbage.

He even did a quick photo bomb when I tried to get a photo of the donkey.
What an Ass!

I was able to get this shot of the donkey when Bear distracted The Browninator with a little excited dog muttering.
Bearsy was pretty good for a dog who hasn't had much horse contact at all.
No barking, just some Lab talk.

After a little while, Bear's interest turned elsewhere and we headed along the fence and back to the house.

As we passed the diamond back terrapin sunning tank, Bear stopped and did a quick count.

Yup, two diamondbacks.
All is well.

"Terra" (top)
"Marina" (bottom)